Navy PBY Catalina Squadron of WWII

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Hide details for [<B>]Saweni Bay (FIJI) history?[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Elain Barrett-Power, 2 responses)[</i><Saweni Bay (FIJI) history? (Elain Barrett-Power, 2 responses)2/04/2004 10:51 pm
Show details for [<FONT SIZE=-1>]Re: Saweni Bay (FIJI) history?  [<font color=#000000><i>] (Dallas Jones E-Mail Pegndal@SchoollRe: Saweni Bay (FIJI) history? (Dallas Jones E-Mail Pegndal@Schoollink.Net, 12/29/2006 11:40 am)
Show details for [<B>]PBY rescue mission oct 16, 1944[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Bj, 11 responses)[</i></font>]PBY rescue mission oct 16, 1944 (Bj, 11 responses)9/05/2003 11:12 am
Show details for [<B>]PBYs at Kaneohe[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Bob Coombs Rmcombs@Aol.Com, 1 response)[</i></fontPBYs at Kaneohe (Bob Coombs Rmcombs@Aol.Com, 1 response)8/07/2003 2:01 pm
Info (Sharen Lide)7/07/2003 6:20 pm
Walter Shinn (Cynthia A. Shinn)1/24/2003 3:37 am
LT James O. Cobb (Ken Hackler)1/20/2003 2:24 pm
Show details for [<B>]Garland Oliver[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Elizabeth Oliver Lee, 1 response)[</i></font>]Garland Oliver (Elizabeth Oliver Lee, 1 response)1/15/2003 9:40 am
Show details for [<B>]Need info on Commanders of VP-11[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Eric Mitchell, 1 response)[</i></Need info on Commanders of VP-11 (Eric Mitchell, 1 response)6/29/2002 11:50 am
Question on PBY's (Margaret Petree)3/26/2002 4:06 pm
Show details for [<B>]Looking for information concerning LCDR Leon W. Johnson[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (David GibbLooking for information concerning LCDR Leon W. Johnson (David Gibbons, 4 responses)3/12/2002 7:40 pm
Show details for [<B>]Bu.Aer.48368[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Mark Clayton, 1 response)[</i></font>]Bu.Aer.48368 (Mark Clayton, 1 response)2/19/2002 4:33 pm
Lt. Robert Corlett (Eric Mitchell)2/03/2002 5:31 pm
Show details for [<B>]VP-11 SURVIVORS COMMUNICATIONS[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Eldon Balmer, 3 responses)[</i></foVP-11 SURVIVORS COMMUNICATIONS (Eldon Balmer, 3 responses)1/29/2002 10:11 am
Show details for [<B>]Wing walkers[</B><i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]  (Eric Mitchell, 2 responses)[</i></font>]Wing walkers (Eric Mitchell, 2 responses)1/28/2002 8:54 pm