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Anyone know my dad - William J. Camp Jr.Date:Thursday, 12/02/2004 2:11 PM PST
Message:My Dad William J. Camp Jr. (Speedball) started with VP-6 in Mar 38. He was there when VP-6 became VP-23 in July of 39; he was there when VP-23 moved to Kaneohe and became VP-11 in June of 41. He was with VP-11 until he transferred to FAW-1 Headquarter Squadron in Oct '42. He was a RM3c(NAP); AMM3c(NAP); AMM2c(NAP); AMM1c(NAP); CAP(AA); CAP(PA); and Lt(jg). He left the Navy in 46 as a LtCMDR. If you knew him and can tell me anything about him I'd really appreciate it.
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