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Death of my father today. Howard R Kenyon 10/1/23 > 2/25/16Date:Thursday, 2/25/2016 7:23 PM PST
Message:Howard Kenyon passed away today at age of 92.Gunner on the (Pistol Packin Mama) VP-11 South Pacific He carried the memories of the PBY catalina like a living life saving friend, as he saved many, and was saved himself by an army PBY after their cat went down in enemy waters,patroled by Japs 3 days on a ruber raft! He said he and his crew knew the sound of those twin consolidated engines miles before theY were located,HE ALWAYS SMILED WHEN HE TOLD ME THAT PART! He loved that beast.AMERICAN MADE MACHINE!AWESOME GAS TANK TOO! LOL The catilina to the Japs? a fierce flat black FLYING,SPYING, nightmare.VP-11 PBY-5 COUPLE OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS TO SOME..? PROUD PEGASUS WAS THE PATCH,I WEAR IT NOW OUT OF RESPECT FOR MY DAD.. AND ALL OF YOU...THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE... He will be remembered honered and missed!
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