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Saweni Bay (FIJI) history?Date:Wednesday, 2/04/2004 10:51 PM PST
Message:Bula from Fiji!

We own the small Saweni Beach Apartment Hotel located on Saweni Bay in the Fiji Islands, and on the beach in front of the hotel are the (rather large) concrete remains of what we believe is a flying boat landing slip. Our research tells us that this may have been the base of VP-11 during their stay in Fiji, and we were hoping that someone on this board might be able to confirm this? If it is, we would like to create a display with photos and other memorabilia at our resort, so that visitors and locals alike might know more about what happened at Saweni. At the moment, most people don't know what the large concrete ramp is.........

Would anyone interested in participating in this project please email me at

Many thanks!
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