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My father, John (Jack) W. Shablow - VP-11 Kaneohe Bay 12-7-41Date:Thursday, 2/10/2005 3:23 PM PST
Message:Does anyone remember my father? He arrived at Kaneohe Nov 1941 and is trying now (age 84) to become a mbr of the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Assn. and also to find any one (maybe a couple) of his old friends. He distinctly remembers a "Q-Ball Nelson" and a "Pinky Davis".

I have a copy of his oders from 10-13-41 sending him on the USS Wright as a seaman 2nd class to "the Hawaiian area", in chg of 11 men: Richard G. Windom, Lloyd Ingram, Merle Springborn, John L. McDonald, Anton J. Markun, Orvin E. Prellwitz, Robert L. Wagner, Charles W. Nelson, Robert Pearce, Walter F. Williams, and Kennard J. Johnson.

He was at Kanehoe until June or July 1942 when he was sent by carrier to New Caledonia. Please respond to me by email: or phone 785-742-3925. Thank you.
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