Navy PBY Catalina Squadron of WWII
  Reunions: 2001-May (Reno)  

Old-time photo at Virginia City

4th row (L-R):
Roby Beal; Allen Cunningham; Estelle, Sherry and Don Heffelfinger; Eldon Balmer
3rd row (L-R):
Susan Beal; Rosie; Howie Spreeman; [son] Moomaw; Carl Atwood; Herb Bailey
2nd row (L-R):
Marge Bailey; Peggy Moomaw; Ginny Dohrmann (where's Clif?); Walter Howard; Bill Barker
1st row (L-R):
Robert Moomaw; Jessie Davenport; Dave Davenport; Eric Mitchell

(Photo courtesy of Eric Mitchell)