Navy PBY Catalina Squadron of WWII
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Dallas Jones remembers the squadron's fallen crewmates and musters the members of VP-11 who fought on this spot 60 years ago today:
(in order of introduction)
John Daniel Buckley
Clarence Melvin Formoe
Rodney Sheldon Foss
Milburn Alexander Manning
James Henry Robinson
Joseph Gillespie Smart
Luther Dayton Weaver

Allan E. Cunningham
Ernest P. Davenport
Ken Eastman
Donald L. Heffelfinger
Walter F. Howard
Dallas H. Jones
Armand Petticcione
Howard Spreeman
Clyde Vryheid
Lou Conter (attending services aboard the USS ARIZONA this morning)
Conrad Frieze (introduced later)

Duke Byron is also mentioned.

2m45s (10.6MB)

(Video by Eric Mitchell)